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Luna Star Van Atta

Astral Tour Guide

It’s never a dull moment when Luna is on stage: you will laugh, and you will cry and when you leave you will feel that you experienced a shift in your consciousness. 

An energetic speaker, teacher and author, Luna has been to heaven and back with a story to share. 




Luna died on the operating table in 1984 and returned with a homework assignment from God: to help others become more comfortable with death and dying, to return to the One-ness of God without fear, and to help others understand that their loved ones are accessible and around them all the time.



Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of the The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler, Luna has been a keynote speaker for Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza as well as Diannion Brinkley. She is available for international presentations and workshops, you can reach her at lunavanatta@gmail.com and 928 284-4177

You can download Luna’s Press Kit by clicking here.



Luna Star is also an active healer and energy worker where she practices as a ReikiMaster Teacher. She works with others to experience the energy from the powerful Earth energies of the Bell Rock Vortex in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. She offers the following services:

  • Hands-on Reikireiki_master-222185904_std
  • Distance Reiki
  • Messages from Celestial Beings
  • Wellness Pro 2010 sessions to treat pain and viruses.
  • HeartMath sessions to reduce stress
  • Connect to lost loved ones on the other side.
  • Reiki training and attunements
  • Spiritual Advisement
  • Clearing Entities from Homes and Energetic Bodies
  • Removal of Blockages to any area of your life to create success and happiness

Luna Star will personalize a program to elevate your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energies as she receives messages for you directly from Celestial Beings, Guides and Ascended Masters. Find out more by visiting the Sedona Reiki and Readings website.


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