The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler

Adventures Out of Body For Healing and Romance


About the Book

Luna Van Atta Book Cover for The Secret Life of an Astral TravelerSelling insurance by day, astral projection and Remote Viewing at night; follow Luna Star Van Atta’s extraordinary adventures in the spirit realms.

Luna was initiated into the astral planes at a young age which opened her psychically to connect to life on the other side of the veil.

Follow her as she communicates with guides, accomplishes miraculous remote healings, assists loved ones in the transition to death, and enjoys a romance that is literally out of this world.  Luna’s life out of body will help you to expand your consciousness and push your boundaries past the physical world.
The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler is a true story of Luna Star Van Atta’s life beyond the third dimension.

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My Next book

The Secret Language of the Soul is scheduled to be published in 2017.

Out of Body Adventures - Luna Van Atta

What are People Saying About

“The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler”

The author reminds us that no matter how painful life can be, there is an abundant healing force within and without and new beginnings are never far. While reading this manuscript at times I could feel a rush of energy flow through the pages that left me feeling clearer,  more hopeful,  and creative then before.

Debra Lynne Katz

M.S.W., Author, You Are Psychic; Extraordinary Psychic, Freeing the Genie Within

We are living in a time of major transformation to open up to possibilities. This book gives us hope that you can have a beautiful relationship on a spiritual plane which transcends the physical.

Barbara Sheridan

The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler” takes readers on a provocative journey into the mysteries of a world without 3-D vision, where an expanded consciousness can view items and people remotely and intuitively, where murder mysteries can be solved, healing can occur, death is just a transition, and love and sexuality can be profoundly experienced on a non physical plane.

Wendy Fickbohm


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