How much do you take for granted in your life?

Do you just expect there will be food in your fridge?  Gas in your car?  Clean water to drink?

Recently I had an experience where I woke up in the middle of the night unable to breathe.  Short and shallow breaths took me into an experience of almost panting.  Unable to sleep, wondering if the irritating asthma diagnosis had turned into something even more serious and pondering  going into the hospital, I laid awake thinking of how many breaths I typically take each day without thought.  I know from my training as a Reiki Master Teacher that breath work is an important part of the healing process. It is an important part of the energy transfer that takes place during a Reiki treatment.  I also know that working on clients with PTSD that they have forgotten how to take full deep breaths.

Mountains and Pine - Luna Star Van Atta

The Breath of Life is the energy of God

The breath of life is truly THE BREATH OF LIFE.  It is God’s energy that keeps us alive. There are few things that are necessary to sustain our physical bodies and the breath is one of them.  Water and nourishment are also important but not breathing will end your physical existence faster than lack of water or food.

So while I was lying in bed taking short, shallow breaths, I pondered all the things that I typically take for granted in my life and certainly breathing is at the top of the list.  Taking out time to gift yourself with full deep breaths deep down into the core of your being will feed you on many different levels.  As the air moves through your respiratory system it clears toxins from your lungs.  As oxygen moves from the lungs into your circulatory system it stimulates your immune system and energizes your organs, tissues and blood.  It sounds so simple yet it is so important.

For me to be taking shallow breaths was limiting my health in many ways.  As soon as I arrived at Sacred Elements of Sedona for my work day I asked Craig Sullivan, owner of Healing Salt Spa, right next door if I could have a session in their salt chamber.  What I call the salt chamber is actually a Halo bed which provides medicine of the future to people like me who need help exercising the all important God-given breath of life.  Within the Halo bed, microscopic salt crystals enter your breathing pathways with each inhale.

Entering the chamber

As I peeked into the private room and looked at the chamber I thought of the sarcophaguses in the Egyptian tombs.  There is something otherworldly about the chamber, a combination of the ancient and futuristic methods of healing synergistically combined into one experience.  Entering the chamber and listening to angelic music I watched the pulsating lights and began to breathe in the healing properties of the salt particles in the air.  At first my throat felt very dry and then a moment later I realized that with each breath I was taking in the breath of life deeper and deeper into my lungs. I was hearing some asthmatic wheezing at first.  Then as the minutes passed, I was able to breathe with more ease and less worry.  At the end of my session I emerged from the chamber feeling uplifted and full of gratitude for the full long deep inhales filling my lungs.

Breathing easy

Nothing short of miraculous!   This is the direction that I hope more and more healing modalities take on our planet.  Natural, stimulating, invigorating!  I am so appreciative for the breath of life as I move the energy through my lungs.  Something I will never take for granted again.