Anger, disgust, hostility, sadness, frustration; there are many American’s feeling these energies within their lives at this time.  Mob mentality.  Riding the surge of the tsunami of anger.

A certain depraved satisfaction joining others who project hate; getting wrapped up in the depraved and senseless actions of a crazy shooter. At times it can be difficult to remember that all the chaos we are experiencing is an illusion.  An illusion created by the ego.

If our day to day lives are an illusion then what is truly real?  Is our consciousness real?  We have an energy that we call our consciousness that inhabits our physical bodies until death.  Our physical bodies are not where the consciousness lives it just parks itself there for a lifetime to help us learn lessons through experiences that need to take place so we can evolve spiritually.

Our energetic bodies teach our physical bodies how to respond to events in our lives.  Should we be scared, relaxed, comfortable, defensive?  If your consciousness is fed with hate or worry or anxiety or anger, what is that doing to your energy field? To your home environment.?To your country? To your planet?

People and entities of influence using their fame or elevated stature to influence thinking of those who are afraid to think for themselves have a lot of power. John Lennon was one who knew this on a deep and focused level and used his influence in a positive way.  The American media holds a very powerful influence on our thoughts and feelings and we can make a choice over how much of that we want to embrace.

There is so much deceit on this planet within politics (all parties), food industry, pharmaceuticals, security breaches in electronics that we find ourselves scratching our heads thinking “how did we get this far off track?”

It takes less energy to follow the wave of energy than thinking for ourselves.   But what are the long term ramifications.  Who looks up to you? Your energy influences those around you.  Are you making informed and conscious decisions?    Are you taking your role seriously? Where do you gather your information to make a decision?  Facts?  Feelings? Intuition?  Are you connected to the Divine? Know your own truth, understand your power of contributing energy to the whole.

Meditation sounds like a simple solution and in fact it is a powerful tool.  Dropping into a silent and quiet state of being for even a few minutes a day and get you back on track.

Become the observer. It all starts with keeping your own energy in a good healthy place and becoming more mindful of what energy you are sending out to the planet.  It’s a choice.