Mountains and Pine - Luna Star Van AttaSynchronicity….. wow, Divine intervention, wow!  I was going to write about something else and then I got a phone call this morning from a close family member who was struggling with the decision to have a medical procedure done.  I didn’t have a good feeling about it which I expressed to her and then after we hung up, she was ready to call the dr’s office to cancel but before she could, the doctor’s office called her and cancelled because he had an emergency…. Synchronicity …. A Divine intervention giving her the reassurance that she made the right decision.  Many times we have someone watching over us from the other side and we forget to acknowledge it and express gratitude.  Not this time!  My family member and I both expressed gratitude for the guardian angel watching over her.  I hope you are all in tuned to the messages coming to you of protection from the other side.  What a wonderful gift.

When have you experienced Divine Intervention?  I would love to hear your experiences.  I think they happen more often than we realize.  Sometimes years go by before we realize we have been Divinely led to where we are now.  Please share your experiences.