Awareness of the Energy Around You

How quickly our energies can shift, a kind word, a smile, a gentle touch can make all the difference in healing our emotional and physical

Every day we are subjected to a full range energetic emotions that are emitted within our proximity. Our physical health is effected by our emotions in a profound way. Being aware of the effect that others have on us is important. The shifts of energy are messages from God that we need to make changes. If we are subjected to ongoing depression or resentment it can eventually manifest into physical illness. We can make another choice. Being in tune to the temperature of our inner reaction can help us to preserve our physical health.

Negative Emotions Creep In

Recently I was in my head, playing and replaying a difficult event and subsequent conversation that was packed full of anger and hurt and unsettling emotions. Like a tsunami of darkness, the negative event moved through me and imprinted on the energy field around me. This unhappy energy manifested as a rippling effect that carried through to my interactions with others. I don’t think I was actually rude to others as I exchanged words, facial expressions and body language, however, I was not exactly jovial.

Feeling the Shift

As I paid for my purchase in the little shop, I was feeling locked up in my own thoughts and emotions. I plodded out to my car and passed a big scruffy guy sitting behind the wheel of his car. He was absorbing the content of a text message on his phone. His smile was so contagious, it plucked me from my distress. Immediately I was uplifted and permeated with joy. How powerful that smile was. It was not even meant for me but I was able to ride the wave of the happy emotions, clearing and healing my energy.

Taking Responsibility for Our Effect on Others

Awareness of our effect on others is essential as well. We have the power to transform someone’s day; offering a silent bit of healing as we shift their day from one of withdrawal or anger into that of Oneness and love.

With a rippling effect, I entered the car, chose some uplifting music and progressed into a new awareness.  Dispersing the positive energy to as many people as possible within my interactions by smiling and projecting loving energy outward. Observing the positive effect that I had on others with this newly embraced state of being, I was uplifted to an even higher level, spiraling upward and appreciating a dance in my step. Propelled forward to touch the lives of others with the energy of love, I moved forward.