Healing Testimonials

Rev. Luna Star Van Atta, M.Msc. helps you become the Captain of your Team as you evolve to your life’s purpose. Luna helps you take on a focused and active role in your own process of evolution, using interactive, holistic approaches to teaching all levels: mind, body and spirit how to be the best you can be.


Here’s what others are saying about her work:

Luna Star Van Atta - headshot

I came to you in January, 2014 after being diagnosed with Stage III cancer.  After surgery, a subsequent CT scan on December 13, 2013 showed an additional turmor….. My four sessions with you were simply amazing……On February 7, 2014 I received my CT scan result:  “no evidence of mestastic disease”  the tumor had disappeared.  I am forever grateful to you two love birds.

– T.S., Minnesota

I lost my eyesight due to diabetic retinopothy.  I am so grateful that I called you while on my way to the eye specialist.  You immediately sat down and did a distance healing on me.  Thirty minutes later, walking into the eye specialists office, with my diagnostic photo’s in hand, I was healed and my eyesight was restored.  I am forever grateful to you.

– Dr. M.M., MD. Delaware

I was a runner all my life.  Bone on bone prevented me from any more of running which not only kept me in shape but fed me on a deep spiritual level.  After 6 treatments with you, I am back to running. Thank you so much!

– G.M., Colorado

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