Keether - dog - golden retriever

Unconditional Love

I know the depth, the density and the full commitment of pure undying, unconditional love.

I came to you at a time when life felt uncertain.  An atmosphere of lost hope, the nothingness that was under your feet as you were stepping off a cliff called Cancer.

We’ve Been Knocked Around

Uncertainty had been my reality too. Born in the shelter, my three sisters had all been adopted and my quirky brother and I lingered behind.  Just babies at the time; we were scared and lonely.  You agreed to take us into your home. That was fifteen years ago.

Life knocked us around and the subsequent bond that formed between us is unwavering and enduring.

I am your protector, I will lie by your bed, listen for strange sounds, and be poised and ready to attack even the scariest of intruders. I am your therapist. My specialty is helping you heal from grief. I know when you are feeling down and I offer my wet nose and gooey tongue to make you laugh. I am your companion. No night will feel lonely when you share your yoga mat with me and we do “downward dog” together.

I can read your mind and intercept your dreams. I know what you are thinking, what you are feeling, what you are experiencing.

I Am A Foodie

I admit it, I am food motivated.  I will learn any trick if it means there is a treat involved.  I have dedicated myself to perfecting my best make-you-feel-guilty look when levitating a snack from your hands into my mouth.

I make my decisions based on smells.  There is no scent in the world that smells better to me than your dirty socks; which I just chewed up.

I Pledge My Life to No One But You

Go ahead, have a bad day, feel grumpy. You can even forget to feed me, I will still greet you with a wagging tail.  I understand that you think my love is too good to be true but trust me, I don’t know how to be deceitful. I only know loyalty and the pureness of real love. And yes, you do deserve this love in your life.

I exist to make your life better. This is my job description. All I ask in return is an occasional belly rub. I am the embodiment of true unconditional love and I pledge my big eyes, floppy ears and shaggy tail to no one but you.

In memory of Keether who was named after Kether, the top sphere on the Kabala Tree of Life which represents the place you go when you want to transcend the physical world.  Keether ascended to doggie heaven January 8, 2016.