Divine Intervention or Coincidence?the-moon-through-north-window-arches-national-park-utah-united-states

Synchronicity is an intriguing experience. It is a perfection of timing and location and connection. Carl Jung defined it as a significant coincidence between physical and psychological events that are common in cause. We think of coincidence as chance but it is anything but chance.
Recently I witnessed an intriguing demonstration of synchronicity.  Sitting on a bench at a restaurant in Phoenix waiting for my friend and a table to open up, a family of five walked in and sat on the bench to my right; Grandmother, daughter and three grandchildren. Grandmother looked like she was probably in her mid to late sixties.
Next a husband and wife entered. They were in retirement age.  Her obvious wig, frail build and skin colored by radiation and chemotherapy treatments spoke of long term cancer challenges. Mr. still looked vibrant and was an attractive older guy who certainly must have turned heads when he was a younger man. Mr. and Mrs. sat to my left. I was at the pivot point of the benches which spanned two sides of the wall in a 90 degree angle in the entrance of the restaurant. 
What unfolded next was truly miraculous.  Mr. (to my left) asked grandmother (to my right) “What is the connection to Syracuse?”   The entire family had on Syracuse t-shirts. One of the grandchildren stated that they were all from Syracuse, New York and were in town for a college football game. 
Mr. said, ”Oh, I am from Syracuse too! I was born and raised there.”
Mistakenly thinking I was supposed to be involved in the synchronicity that was unfolding, I said, “Oh wow! I grew up right near there!” We were the only people waiting for tables at this restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona; eight of us all from the Syracuse, New York area. This was strange and about to get even stranger.

I Become the Reluctant Observer

Ignoring me, Grandmother said to Mr., “Oh what a coincidence, I grew up there too. Did you know the Browns?” 
I thought this was a very odd question; there must be hundreds or thousands of  families in Syracuse with the last name of Brown. I realized my disappointment as I felt left out of this crazy dream-like scene. I did not know the Browns and the only actors starring in this scene were Mr. and Grandmother. Everyone else in the room had faded to a blur. I surrendered to the reality that this was truly not MY synchronistic event.  I was there just as an observer and so I squelched my need to be involved and hung back with wonderment as I watched the magic unfold before me.
Mr. said, “Oh yes, in fact, my last name is Brown.”
Are you frickin’ kidding me?  I thought to myself. I felt that I had been painted into an abstract Andy Warhol acrylic. This was odder than odd!
Grandmother looked at the floor and then locked eyes with Mr. and voiced a tentative offer of, “Well…..did you know Terrance Brown?”
Mr., “Well yes!” he flashed a lot of teeth in a big grin, slowly realizing what was taking place.
Grandmother: “Was that your brother because you look a lot like him?”
Now, looking side to side and back and forth between the two of them, I felt like I was watching a tennis match. My jaw had dropped so low that I could have caught flies and things were about to get even weirder…
Mr. said, “Actually that’s my name, Terrance Brown”
I tried to be a good observer, I pulled up my jaw and tried to keep my mouth shut and not let the laughter of excitement eject from my mouth.
Grandmother’s eyes widened, “YOU are Terrance Brown? Oh my gosh! I went to prom with you! I am Patty Wilson!” 
Now I realize I am watching a Divinely-inspired synchronistic event happen right before my eyes. I am blessed to be an observer in this crazy and miraculous event.
She obviously had changed in appearance since high school, so had he. They searched each others’ faces trying to remember what they used to look like.

Re-connection of Soul Mates?

I saw the recognition and the sharing of a memory flash before them like a hologram.  What did she wear to prom? A full length pink satin number? Did he have on a powder blue polyester tux with a ruffled shirt? Did she have on elbow length white gloves? Did he get her a wrist corsage? Did he borrow Dad’s car? Did she lose her virginity that night? Did he lose his? Whatever the history was, it was flowing from their memory banks and the emotions oozed from their faces.
Not one person from either side of the bench acted like they realized what a Divinely-inspired event this had to be. The grandchildren nonchalantly asked them pose for pictures together; just the two of them, Terrance and Patty. I sat in awe feeling so blessed to be able to watch this amazing interaction.
My friend arrived just as the tables opened up and all three of our parties were seated at the same time. Mr. and Mrs. Brown seemed to eat quite quickly. After completing their meal, I saw them get up and walk to the table where Grandmother sat with her family.  Their conversation must have lasted another fifteen minutes or more.  I could see them exchanging information, possibly phone numbers and addresses with plans to stay in touch.

What Will Unfold in the Future?

As Mr. and Mrs. Brown left I realized that Mrs. Brown was barely holding up, possibly living the end of her days.  I thought about how Grandmother could possibly become a Mrs. Brown later on and fill the gap that would soon be left in Mr. Brown’s life.
The precise timing, location and connection could have only been orchestrated by a very powerful and Divine being. How long did it take to get the grand kids ready and out the door to leave for lunch that day?  How many stop lights held Mr. Brown’s car on the way to the restaurant? And all the tables in the restaurant were momentarily full. And I had the blessing of waiting for my friend so I was able to witness this Divine interaction taking place.  And then there were the Syracuse t-shirts that triggered the initial conversation. 
Synchronicity is not a chance happening. Remember the definition at the beginning of this blog? It is a perfection of timing and location and connection. There is a lot of planning that takes place for it to all come together. I thought about how perfectly all the elements all had to line up for this interaction to unfold.  I truly felt that there had to be a deeper meaning for these two to connect after fifty years and 2400 miles had led them through their lives to converge now.
The Divine was in the restaurant with us that day and I am blessed to have been the observer.