Achieving success is a tricky thing.  Many of us think it is about innovative ideas or having the financial backing to reach our goals.  I feel true success is about clarifying what you truly want and then setting the boundaries needed to hold the distractions at bay.

We live in a world filled with distractions; phones, emails, instant messaging, pop-ups, etc. Attaining true success is really about being still and listening to the voice of God within. Then clearing the mind and the calendar by setting healthy boundaries from those disturbances.

I know my Divine purpose in life. There is no question in my mind or in my heart why I am in this body in this lifetime. But for me, the thought of setting a boundary is a cue for my little girl-self to emerge and cower in the corner. A clear demonstration of absurdity for a successful, mid-60’s woman who is so easily brought to her knees.

In examining the situation I realize that allowing others to invade my space when I truly need focused alone time is about wanting to feel loved. Fear of rejection, fear of not being valued by those around me, is all about my relationship with my father; a demanding, assertive man who always pushed me to be better than I could be no matter how hard I tired. Even fear of success rises as I find my inner self kicking and screaming in defiance of staying focused. In truth, my father was intimidated by my great successes in my adult life, as I rose to heights intellectually, financially and spiritually that he never achieved.

Time for me to have a serious talk with the little girl and to stop seeking love outside of me and to honor the Divine within.  The twinge that I feel each time I let someone cross the line that I drew in the sand, is God tapping me on the shoulder to remind me of why I was allowed back in my body after dying on the operating table in 1985. If I truly recognize myself as a Divine being, a Child of God, then I recognize the value and the focus to defend myself and to do so without the emotional charge of bringing the past into it.

I send love and forgiveness to my Father.  A man who wanted to appear strong but was truly a fragile and fractured person.  And now the biggest step, to send him gratitude for being my teacher in this very important area of my life. And so to you, dear Father, I offer this boundary:  no more will I allow you to step in the way of my focus on my life’s purpose and I thank you for offering this opportunity.

Lesson learned. Thank-you Daddy. Thank-you God

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