(I must apologize that I refer to God as a man within this blog.  I am making that reference for a specific reason which will become apparent as you read further.)

Humans. We are a strange species

Out of all the living beings, we are the only ones who have a conscious awareness of a spiritual  connection.

Wait a minute! Maybe we are the only ones who have a conscious awareness that a spiritual connection is a choice. I think that plants and animals and fishes and reptiles and birds all know that they are connected to the Creator. They have no other option. The seed spouts, growing roots to take in nourishment, and then extends its stalk, reaching for the sun. The baby dolphin swims immediately after birth and seeks out its mother for nourishment.  The lion kills the zebra with the broken leg taking out the least fit of the herd. The ebb and flow of life and death continue on without contamination.  All of this seems to be within the unwritten guidelines that God would have given them as he created them as a species. It is the normal pulse of nature.

The plant and animal kingdoms do not understand manipulation, bullying, fraud, deceit, senseless violence, power over, or the ego getting in the way of choices. Plants and animals are about survival and propagation of their species.

Non-human living beings: dogs, plants, horses, spiders, all focus on survival and without question, they are in the natural pulse of living in Oneness.  Within the flow of  the seasons and the pulse of life and death, there is an unspoken acceptance of what is.

Sometimes I wonder why God made man.

Did God choose to give us choices to fulfill some need of his to watch us evolve or not evolve….?

What is the purpose of a species that has the ability of ego-based choice? That thinks they are in control? We have the option to embrace our connection to God or we can live in the illusion of separation where we think we have control of our destiny. We easily make choices that project our focus way from our sacred connection to the Divine. We fill our lives with distractions  of the material world, we cram every moment with stuff on the “to do” list.

We seek validation of who we are by seeking out what we can change and influence in our lives as well as those around us.  We define ourselves through the accumulation of material things.  And we justify our existence through measuring how much can we get done and how fast.  We retreat from our connection with the Divine through  TV, movies,  Youtube, emails, and Facebook.

God does not think like a human.

We create the vision that God is human-like because it is the only way for us to get any understanding through our limited thought processes.  Did God make all things as an outward manifestation of who he is? To validate who he is? If yes, where does deceit, manipulation and hatred fit in? Did God give us the brain power to utilize choice because he hoped that we would make the right decisions on our own? Did he hope we would be able to evolve toward Oneness by exercising our right to choose? If we did not have the choice to make our own decisions as to how we treat each other or how to live our lives, God would have no hope for the human race… we would be like the plants and animals totally connected to the Divine. Given this choice, we can decide to use that choice with reverence and hold it in high regard. I think that makes God smile.