Checking In

Apprehension is heavy in the air as I enter the shower today and I do my best to stay positive. I ask myself, “Where is the gratitude?” Over the past twenty-four hours I have not felt for THE LUMP fearing the power it could have over me.  My slippery hand gingerly sweeps across the area.

ReliefFull Rainbow - Luna Star Van Atta

Nothing!  Another stroke deeper this time…nothing…


Okay, take that  Mr. LUMP you are not welcome here. You have been banished!

Life is good. I understand that I still have work to do in this body and in this lifetime.

What is the lesson?

“What?”  I ask God, “What is the lesson? What am I to learn from this experience?” The answer comes quickly “Listen up!  Get serious and realize how powerful and all consuming fear is.  Comprehend that all decisions you make regarding food, exercise, and attitude are important. Each one may seem insignificant by itself but together they create the fabric of your life and manifest within your physical body. Herein is the reason that I inserted you back into your body after your Near Death Experience. If you are to live your life’s purpose, take this lesson to heart”

Gratitude for Prayers Answered

Tears of gratitude for prayers answered and lessons learned, mix with the drops of water flowing out of the shower. I am birthed into a renewed consciousness, wiser and stronger following my undisclosed event. In twenty-four hours I experienced a death and rebirth. All of the drama and my intimate interaction with God remained here within the privacy of my home until now.

Back to the Mundane

My to-do list, which had been temporarily put on hold brings me back to the mundane, predictable world and absorbs my thoughts…