Setting aside time

Every morning I spend ten minutes or more on the floor with my dog, Anubis (or Newbie as he likes to be called) engrossed in “Doggy Loving Time”.  This consists of belly rubs, gentle ear pulls, hip massages and singing his favorite special doggie songs like “Newbie Is An Itty Bitty Baby Newbie-Doobie Dog”.

This is a comforting way for us to start our day as I rub his furry body and direct Reiki energy to him.  If I forget to start our morning ritual he paws me and throws his body down in front of me so I will either lie down on the floor or trip over him.

Lessons from a canine

I have learned a lot from my dog.  He is about fifteen years old, that’s 105 IDY, (In Dog Years).  He looks and acts not a day over 49 IDY.  Possibly it is the daily Doggie Loving Time that keeps him young. Through this morning practice he has taught me patience, unconditional love and now the power of comfort and ritual.

We humans live chaotic lives.  We are in our heads remembering passwords, figuring out how to get phone calls accomplished while driving, managing information that bombards us from all directions. Always feeling like there is more to do than physically possible.

A vacation from the chaos

Taking out ten to fifteen minutes to be absorbed in non-analytical, tactile activity with a living being that only knows love, is a nurturing act that balances out the energies. This heart-based activity gets us out of our thinking brains and removed from the illusion of what we think is important.  It creates healing within our energetic bodies and is passed on to the physical cells having a positive effect on our organs.

The meaning of ritual

Placing this event into a ritual format every day makes it even better. The true meaning of ritual is performing a series of regularly repeated acts in a precise manner, and saying or singing the same words each time.  What happens when we enter ritual, is that everything is expected and there are no surprises.  The sameness of knowing what is going to happen next is comforting and creates trust, balance and relaxation.

Extending comfort other areas of your life

You don’t have a dog, you say?  Try reading a happy bedtime story to your child every night. Sit in the same place on the bed or the couch; start out with the same statement, maybe something like “Okay, time for my favorite part of the day” with a light touch on the child’s shoulder or placing your arm around them.  After reading the book, conclude with the same statement each time such as “I think that is my new favorite story, how about you?”  Creating these rituals of heartfelt activities will enhance your life on very deep levels and give you a break from the unpredictable chaos of your typical day. The benefits will be widespread.