cloaking 2Remote Viewing is Not a Thing of the Past

If you accept remote viewing as an operation of the past, think again.  Prying into your personal life is not restricted to drones, wire tapping and computer hacking. Fully trained and skillful remote viewers, government sanctioned or not, can peer into your bathroom to observe your toileting habits, scrutinize your wife’s body while she takes a shower, and determine if you wear tighty-whities or boxers.  Many have been trained by the military or private training to gather information remotely by accessing the collective consciousness. Accomplished remote viewers are able to see through walls, into your safe deposit box and even read your preferences for the presidential campaign. All information is accessible and there are no obstacles.

Remote penetration of Soviet files during the Cold War was accomplished by advanced and talented remote viewers. As technology advances to facilitate tapping into computers and phones, and view us sunbathing in our backyards by satellite,  why would we even consider that remote viewing capabilities have not also have been perfected?

An advanced remote viewer is able to access and read verbiage. Reading letters and numbers takes special talent. A remote viewer of much lesser skills can enter your home by remotely accessing the collective consciousness and gather information. It could be a person who has taken a series of remote viewing workshops; an ex-husband, a disgruntled employee, a student, a client or Uncle Raymond.

Protect Your Home from Remote Viewers

If you have not taken measures to protect your home from invasion of prying eyes you may be at risk. Focused intention can help you to safeguard your home. Remote viewers are lured into the most interesting item within a space. Purchase a statue and use your remote effecting techniques to shine it like a beacon, infuse the item with silliness and laughter.  Laughter involves the physical body and no remote viewer can remain out of body if they are laughing, the awareness of the physical draws them back in. Immediately popping back into their bodies, your privacy will remain intact.

There is nothing that holds a remote viewer to high standards.  People trained to remote view in a classroom or even by the government are left to their own choices as to how ethically they choose to employ their training; just as a soldier is left to his own choices as to how he uses a weapon later in life. It is up to you to protect yourself and you now accomplish it in an effective and easy way.