Spoon BendingParapsychologist and author Dean Radin reported that he was able to bend a spoon with unexplained ease of force at a psycho kinesis gathering (Entangled Minds). There are many skeptics that question his validity.  I say that science has not caught up to Dean Radin. It is up to you to decide if you want to be with those of us who have accomplished it or if you want to join the skeptics who live with self imposed limitations.

Bending a spoon is a process of moving forward in life as an empowered person. Asking the energies of the Universe to help you manifest the life that you want; that is what bending a spoon is truly about. It is a process of pushing past inhibitions. The spoon can teach you how to encourage your dreams to materialize.

Ready? Gather up your spoon. Go to blank mind as you would in meditation.  The act of bending a spoon is about cooperation between your energy and the energy of the spoon.  Explain to the spoon that if you could bend it you would be a better you-name-it…healer, mother, boss, athlete, author…whatever.  When you say this, you are also convincing yourself that this is not a frivolous act, but one that is life changing.

Hold spoon with handle in one hand, and the bowl of the spoon in the other.  Call in the energy of the Creator.  It is there for the asking.  Nicola Tesla knew it was there and now you do too. You can access it by asking for it and being receptive to it.

Visualize that there is energy flowing through your arms and out the palms of your hands. Many Reiki masters and Qigong masters have trained their bodies to run a generous amount of energy and heat through their hands. You can do this too. With the palms of your hands wrapped around the two ends of the spoon, feel an alternating current running back and forth between your two hands in rapid succession.

The heat of the energy transfer will soften the metal. Encourage the spoon by giving it a gentle nudge.  If you have generated enough energy and subsequent heat, your spoon will bend for you.

You have communicated and interacted with matter.  Absorb the feeling of this accomplishment and store it away in your memory banks so that next time you are approached with a challenge in your life, you can draw upon the feeling of the bent-spoon experience to help you get through it.

Many scientists do not agree with Dean Radin and his statements in his books or with his experiments. Bend your own spoon and then see if it is not a life changing event for you. Assess if this event alters how you look at the world and how you see yourself. Maybe your spoon will help you to move past limiting beliefs.