Book Reviews – The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler

The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler, a 5 – star Amazon Bestseller, is a true story of Luna Star Van Atta’s life beyond the third dimension. Luna was initiated into the astral planes at a young age which opened her psychically to connect to life on the other side of the veil.Luna Van Atta Book Cover for The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler

What readers are saying about the book:

Just finished this journey into the astral worlds… Wow. It’s opened my mind to what’s possible when paying attention to the deepest realms of our being! A must read for the believer and skeptic alike.

Kesha Engel

This book really pushed my boundaries and taught me so much. I found myself wanting to experience more. Thanks Luna for a thought provoking look at out of body experiences.

– S. McGuinness

This book is supportive for anyone seeking to understand their own out of body experiences. A fascinating and uplifting book – couldn’t put it down!

– Sheryl Stradling

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