Time Stands Still

Spending an entire day in bed making love, what a luxury.  Staying in the moment, savoring the touch and the interaction of energies; time stands still.

Who’s in Control?

What a curious thing time is.  It controls us and pushes us to the limits of our being.  How were we forced into placing so much importance on time?  Primitive people kept track of the seasons to grow successful crops and survive through difficult winters. In primitive days, time-driven survival instincts helped us to prepare our energy fields for whatever our day would place in front of us. The industrial age created a need for alarm clocks, and watches as our responsibilities were now monitored by others. Work schedules altered our body clocks putting a bigger focus on time.  A five day work week, a two week vacation, the school year, these are all pulsations of time that we have integrated into our body clocks, effecting our energetic fields.  Enter the electronic age. The need to multitask was born as information comes to us faster than it is humanly possible to process. Microwaves created a shift of awareness of what a minute or thirty seconds feels like.  Waiting two full minutes for a YouTube video to complete now feels like forever.

metamorphosis over time

metamorphosis over time

The Body’s Response to Time

Although the movement of the planets and the change of seasons is a naturally occurring phenomena, the pressure that we now accept from the concept of time is certainly a man-made illusion.  Much of our measuring of time is done without us thinking much about it.  However, the timing of events outside of our normal circadian rhythms silently alters our body pulsations. Our energies shift to ready us for work or for a day off or for a family holiday dinner or to work the night shift. As a “Type A” personality, I am engulfed in an energy field that is rather frantic and tensed state of being quite often.  A tsunami of of information overload surges at us and we gear up to try to process all of it as quickly as possible. Becoming experts at processing as much information as quickly as we can, and still unable to keep up, we feel the stress and the let down of defeat.

Our Brain’s Effect on the Relativity of Time

Interesting that when we are meditating and achieving a higher frequency of energy that time becomes irrelevant.  This is also true of other altered brainwave states.  If you were to be a remote viewer or have an out-of-body experience such as a near death experience, you would have a totally different concept of time while unaware of  your physical surroundings.  The same is true when you are under hypnosis or in a dream state.  Many of us feel that time is not important while dropping deeply into a meditation for two hours.

Taking a Break from the Restrictions of Time

Time can speed by or drag on depending on what we are experiencing.  Could it be that our concept of time is effected by the frequency of our brain wave activity? More on this in my next blog in January.  Meanwhile, try taking a vacation from measuring time by getting lost in a creative endeavor or dropping into a deep, deep extended meditation and don’t forget to turn off the cell phone!